Our team of specialists, with over 20 years experience in Military and over 50 years
experience is SAPS, can assist your business or community by infiltrating your environment
and placing assets on the ground.

The main goals of covert infiltration is to reduce risk, identify early warnings and, where
applicable, reduce stock loss.

Committed to




Our team specialises in, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Cable theft
    Diesel theft
    Explosive theft
  • Strikes and protest early warnings
    Cyber & data crimes
    Warehousing syndicates
    Distribution syndicates
    Retail shoplifting
    Farm attacks & livestock theft
    Estate & Residential robberies
    Asset tracking


  • Comperio Security has a proven track records in a vast array of industries such as:


Furthermore, Comperio Security has an active presence in the following regions:

  • Gauteng
    Western Cape
    North West
Our proprietary access to world-class tactical and surveillance technology ensures Comperio Security is at the forefront of 21st century Security and Protection services.
Our facial recognition system is 21st century technology, and its here for you.

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Comperio Securities is a proud subsidiary of Comperio Group of Companies

Comperio Group of Companies is a multifaceted forensic auditing, investigative, risk & security consultancy.