Comperio security has developed pre and post engagement marketing strategies aimed at boosting individual business, building a national brand and engaging communities everywhere.

The establishment of a national Brand will create visibility and presence that an SMME could not generate individually.

Committed to




The Right Tools for the Job

The Comperio Security team will ensure all touch points such as uniforms, visible Policing and demonstrations and communication platforms support all Franchise holders with a powerful and immediately identifiable Brand.

Communication Tools such as Operational and Customer based App’s, Community based Social Media Engagement and Website designed to support the Business owners, engage clients and create a home for a national Brand.

Ongoing Support

Too often selling a franchise is seen as a final step, with the remainder being all about income. The awarding of a Comperio Security Franchise is only the start.

Comperio Security has carefully crafted plans to support franchisee’s with ongoing support in the form of Marketing Services, Client Engagement and regular feedback on industry trends and advances.


Facial Recognition Camera’s – Our facial recognition solution detects and reports problems in real-time, automatically picking out faces from a video feed and sends an alert to the relevant authorities


Firearm safe guarding and tracking – New technologies currently under covert development will greatly mitigate the risks currently associated with carrying firearms for both the public and security personnel


Mobility solutions for Guards – New mobility solutions that offer lower purchase prices & greater operating efficiency whilst providing the same, if not better, mobility and area coverage will be available to all Franchisees.


Inhouse Control Room – The use of a centralized, state-of-the-art Inhouse Control Room coordinating all ground teams regardless of location.


Our proprietary access to world-class tactical and surveillance technology ensures Comperio Security is at the forefront of 21st century Security and Protection services.
Don’t miss the opportunity to transform your business into a top-tier Security organization and household name.

Make Comperio Your Security Partner of Choice

Harness our experience and technology for your benefit, contact Comperio Security today for Intelligent and Effective security solutions that safeguard you and the things that matter in your life.

Comperio Securities is a proud subsidiary of Comperio Group of Companies

Comperio Group of Companies is a multifaceted forensic auditing, investigative, risk & security consultancy.