National Footprint

A national franchise network consisting of empowered & professional Security services business owners spanning the width and breadth of South Africa.

With a national presence and exponentially increased pool of resources, Franchisees will be eligible for National and Regional Tenders.

Committed to





A national Call Centre will offer Franchisees support with regards to Customer Liaison, Lead Generation and Sales Vetting.

Furthermore, our national representatives will assist with New Business Opportunity Follow Ups and Customer Support.


As a national entity, Franchisees will have access to vastly improved Economies of Scale with respect to Uniforms, Hardware, Equipment, Operating Assets and Non-lethal Weapons.

The ability to share resources, knowledge and information with fellow franchisees based regionally or nationally is an operational and cost benefit all in one.

Our proprietary access to world-class tactical and surveillance technology ensures Comperio Security is at the forefront of 21st century Security and Protection services.
Comperio Security Franchising is a rapid growth opportunity – transforming your SMME into a player on a National scale.

Make Comperio Your Security Partner of Choice

Harness our experience and technology for your benefit, contact Comperio Security today for Intelligent and Effective security solutions that safeguard you and the things that matter in your life.

Comperio Securities is a proud subsidiary of Comperio Group of Companies

Comperio Group of Companies is a multifaceted forensic auditing, investigative, risk & security consultancy.