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Comperio Security employs the best of the best when it comes to our security guards. There dedication and skills are directly proportionate to your safety.

Our highly trained and technology laden guards are ever-present and have been tasked with one goal – you and your assets well-being.

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Comperio Security specialises in corporate, industrial and mining security in medium- and high-risk areas. The cornerstone of this service is our qualified, well trained guarding personnel deployed at crucial points of your business operations, where they will ensure seamless but safe operations.

Where necessary our officers are deployed with force multipliers such as firearms or canine units and are backed up by state-of -the-art technology solutions.

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Violent, illegal – often outright criminal – strike action is an unfortunate reality in today’s labour market. Intimidation of the workforce, wanton destruction of company assets and direct threats against company executives are often included in labour action.

Comperio provides suitably trained and equipped guards to protect company assets and personnel against striking employees and other criminal elements.


Facial Recognition Camera’s – Our facial recognition solution detects and reports problems in real-time, automatically picking out faces from a video feed and sends an alert to the relevant authorities


Firearm safe guarding and tracking – New technologies currently under covert development will greatly mitigate the risks currently associated with carrying firearms for both the public and security personnel


Mobility solutions for Guards – New mobility solutions that offer lower purchase prices & greater operating efficiency whilst providing the same, if not better, mobility and area coverage will be available to all Franchisees.


Inhouse Control Room – The use of a centralized, state-of-the-art Inhouse Control Room coordinating all ground teams regardless of location.


Our proprietary access to world-class tactical and surveillance technology ensures Comperio Security is at the forefront of 21st century Security and Protection services.
Our Security Guards are the font line protection between you and potential harm – you’re in safe hands!

Make Comperio Your Security Partner of Choice

Harness our experience and technology for your benefit, contact Comperio Security today for Intelligent and Effective security solutions that safeguard you and the things that matter in your life.

Comperio Securities is a proud subsidiary of Comperio Group of Companies

Comperio Group of Companies is a multifaceted forensic auditing, investigative, risk & security consultancy.